Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas in Florida! Today I drove past a house where the couple were hanging their lights outside in t-shirts and shorts!  At my house, my poinsettia is blooming like crazy....

Do you think of a poinsettia as a plant that is neck high? That is my plant in the front yard this year :)

The blooms are so beautiful.....

....even the lizards love them!

I would like to tell you about my little sewing group at school. There are eight 5th and 6th grade girls who are learning how to sew. This is the second year we have offered this community service sewing group after school. The girls are so sweet, patient and joyous! If I could post their beautiful happy faces, I would. They learn how to sew straight lines by making log cabins. They really are crazy log cabins until they start sewing straight!

We sew the squares all together and it looks so great, of course!

The next step we do with them is a basic 5x6 block baby quilt.

At the end of the year we donate our quilts to Wolfson Children's Hospital for the babies who need blankies. I have to say, I love our girlies...they work so hard and they do it joyfully.  I have to also mention my good friend, Karen Walker.  We teach the girls together and we are such a great team!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving is gone and Christmas is just one blink away...or should I say, "blink-blink"? Once again I am practicing something new, larger text. At least I can read it while I'm typing :)

Thanksgiving was so awesome! Dearest son, Patrick, was home, the Seminoles of FSU are now in first place and the weekend was full of football and fun.

I did finish my Africa quilt. It is not quilted yet. I am saving that for my friend, Bob, at Country Crossroads. I just love the way it turned out! I think it is one of the best quilts I have ever made. It wasn't the trickiest, but one of the most pleasing.