Monday, September 10, 2018

Finally a House Quilt!

Welcome to the first day of the 
"Welcome to My House Blog Hop"
hosted by our good friend Carol from Just Let Me Quilt.
This past June I retired from 32 years of teaching.
I jumped right in to a job longarm quilting at 
Wow, I am having fun!
So, now that I am only working three days a week, with no lesson plans, I had time to work on a quilt 
which has been on my bucket list for many years...houses!
I have to admit I am a Freddy Moran lover. 
I have her books and have pinned a zillion pages on Pinterest. 
I started out trying to plan, plan, plan. 
Did I want a light background, dark background or sky blue? 
I tried lots of them and decided to use them all!

I also tried the several styles of making a house. 
This first way used too much fabric, 
so I balanced applique and cutting.

Of course I started talking about my houses at work 
and asking for help and opinions. 
Pretty soon little ideas and slips of fabric began appearing......


frogs, pigs, llamas, and fairies,


 and foliage.

I also must admit I did not often pay attention to sizes. So when it came time to put it together, sometimes I had to have houses on hills.

It was really exciting for me to be able to quilt my own quilt!

Here are a few close-ups......

Finally, here is my finished quilt!

It is held up by my DH!

On the back I used a remnant of Venice. I also used a technique where I faced the quilt and had no binding.
You can find this on the website TheSillyBooDilly.

So, my quilt is done and I love it!
Thank you Carol for giving me the motivation to check one more quilt off my bucket list!
Please visit all the other great folks who have created something wonderful for you to see this week.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Virtual Cookie Exchange

Hello Everyone!
I am so happy you are here today!

Thank you for joining the Virtual Cookie Exchange 
sponsored by
 our friend Carol, at Just Let Me Quilt

Now, before I get started, could I just ask you, how many of you went back and rewrote some of your post after reading the super fun, 
 and delicious  posts from Tuesday? 
... and then again on Wednesday?
I did!

My mom always said you should take out all the ingredients and tools before you start baking, soooo...
I did!
I took out everything and began. You may want to note how neat it all looks because, as my DH says, I use every pot in the kitchen and it never looks the same when I am done!

Here is my Aunt Lucille's recipe. My Aunt Lucille is a master quilter, a retired high school math teacher and a strong, straight forward Vermonter. 
I know sugar cookies are simple, but this recipe is so versatile and I needed something simple, tried and true. You will see why in a minute.

This is my pastry cloth. It is the best idea I've ever heard of. 
It is a piece of canvas from the fabric store.
It is 45" wide!

It is easy to scrape after you are finished using....

Then, you just fold and put in the freezer until needed again! Why the freezer? We live in Florida and everything grows here, inhabits here and oh never mind, you get the idea!

The cookies had to be a certain size, because...
I had a plan.
Hopefully they would be perfect.

I saw this sweet cinnamon sprinkle in the cupboard and decided to give it a try. I think you could have the same result with your own cinnamon creativity.

We are baking....we are hoping for perfection...

As you can see, perfection (in terms of size) did not happen, so when I first pulled them out of the oven, I used my cutter and re-cut them to the perfect size.
If you don't need a certain size, like I did, these cookies roll out and cook so beautifully.

Then, I bagged them up in a ziplock with at least 12 in a bag.

So, how is the kitchen looking about now?
Hmmmm....not so good, but it has been so much worse!

So, I guess I haven't mentioned that I also am involved in a book club cookie exchange. In the exchange, you have to have a good cookie (a dozen for each member plus a dozen for hospice), a good story (hopefully true, but not necessarily so) and an interesting package.
Here is the beginning of my package.....

Now, my paper towel roll is wrapped in Christmas wrap. My cookies fit perfectly into the tube......

I have made elf shoes, many, many sets of elf shoes. Now these shoes are meant to take a sleeve of Oreos. However, Oreo doesn't make sleeves of Oreos anymore unless you want to order a case for a million dollars.
Also, I do not think I could pass Oreos off in my cookie exchange as a homemade cookie, even if I made some frosting for them.

So, here they are....two legs full of cookies! 
I used variations on the basic dough as noted by the arrows in the recipe. The recipe is simple, but they are so yummy, it is a reminder that simple is often best!

Now that our family is all on the west coast of the USA, we will travel to California for Christmas.
Decorating at home has become very simple. 
The following pictures are of our simple homemade decorations.

I have to say God has to take credit for this amazing poinsettia.
It is hard to tell from this photo, but it is taller than me (5'6")!

Here is the group for today, followed by the wonderful posts tomorrow.....

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Participating in this blog hop has been so much fun! 
It has restored my joy!
I hope you have the most joyful holiday season, 
surrounded by family and friends.
I am thankful for all of you.