Monday, April 21, 2014

A Perfect Picnic blog hop

We are packing up our baskets and getting ready for the last blog hop of the season with Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt!

This blog hop is a little different than the others, because we will be taking a friend/spouse out on an actual picnic using the quilt we make! We will take pictures as well. It will be so much fun to see our fellow quilters out enjoying fresh air and friends. 

My DH is so excited about this hop....really! I explained it to him on a two hour drive back from Orlando last weekend. He listened and asked a few questions, then we continued listening to our audio book. About a half an hour later, he turned off the book and started telling me about his favorite picnic foods when he was a kid! The book went back on, then about a half hour later, off it went again. He had come up with three more picnic themes along with menus to go with them...I was so delighted!

Saturday we went to out and hunted for dishes, silverware and heavy duty fabric for the quilt backing. He was involved with all of the phases of this adventure...what a guy! 

I decided against a laminate backing for several reasons:
* You can't rip it out without leaving a hole
and since I will be making up this pattern, 
ripping out may happen alot!
* I won"t be taking a picnic outing when or where it is wet.
* I want to be able to wash the devil out of it, 
since I am going to use the devil out of it :)

These are just personal choices, and does not mean I am not a fan of laminate fabric
...I am a BIG fan! Just not for this project.

I thought I'd put in a little tease of my fabrics for the quilt (as of my thinking today) with the Riley Blake accents to be determined in the next day or two....

Come join us!!

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