Monday, April 7, 2014

It Bugs Me to Have to Sit Still!

This week I had cataract surgery and it went very, very well. What I didn't know going into it was that there is a 4 week healing time, that you have to be still after the surgery....still, and if you are like me, with rimless glasses and very blind, you are stuck wearing all kinds of jacked up contraptions in order to "sort-of" see...

All of that was okay, even the not driving part, guessed it....being still. Sheeesh!
I am sure you have projects you have filed away in your head for "when I've broken both legs....". Well, I guess that day had finally come. I had to be still and my jailer, I mean my DH, made sure I was in compliance.

I got out a fantastic tea box that I have been saving, waiting for inspiration. My first idea was to cover the box and put a rosette on the top, but then the sides looked so plain

So, I got out some beautiful photo postcards, which I love and have hoarded for several years. The postcard set is called 

I added the card sections to either end, but then I realized there was no connection between the flower and the insects, other than great color. 

I decided I needed a real insect on my flower and don't you know it, I had some in my workroom! So, now I had a cute box!


I hot glued a new sponge into the top of the box for needles and pins, 

then loaded the inside up with the handwork I keep in many places, like the car, my luggage and my library (for faculty meetings). 

 The box is hard enough to keep everything safe, especially in my luggage, but small enough not to take up too much room. I think I mentioned before that I am not throwing away anything larger than an inch, so there are lots of little scraps to stitch together whenever there is a spare minute.  

 Anyway, I enjoyed this little project and I have six boxes left, so I think a series might be happening :)

Thanks for stopping by to see my silly "still-ish" project :)

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  1. Your box is wonderful. I have to have cataract surgery too, and will have to have a lot of handwork to work on. You are doing good.


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