Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saving Riley Blake Gingham

As an educator of elementary children, it's always a good idea to use visuals to make your point. My friend, Karen Walker, brought me some Riley Blake scraps from her last jelly roll quilt. we dumped them out on the ironing board and spread them out.....

When I told Karen that Riley Blake is considering discontinuing their line of gingham fabrics, she just looked at me as if I was crazy, then she said, "let me have those gingham scraps back!" This next picture is what that jelly roll looks like without gingham fabric.

Seriously?! Not the greatest seller now!

Here are those little bitty scraps made into 1 3/4" half square triangles and they sure do look good with that bottom triangle made of gingham!

Okay friends, go out and buy some RBD gingham and let your opinions be heard!


  1. Ha! Spread the word...we WANT gingham...uh, please?! gingham is sew needed...retirement should be out of the question in this case. Love your pics!

  2. now that speaks volumes....photos and all ....yes we will save gingham we just have to...and now what will you be doing with this> lol

  3. Good Job. I love your visual! I am off to the only store around me that sells it and see what I can get! Go Gingham!!

  4. You're right - it would be seriously lacking if it didn't have gingham!

  5. I think maybe I will make a mini


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