Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thank you, Lynn, for telling folks about my blog. 72 people visited! I feel like a rock star!

I am still playing with headers and blog width, fonts and color. so, while I am playing with all of these things, I thought I would post this quilt.  Bob, at Country Crossroads quilted it for me. It was my first foray into art quilting. I made it my header this week. 

I bought a charm pack of 12" squares, but couldn't decide what to do since it was pretty simple. I tried attaching smaller pieces and played with primitive, random top stitching. 

Bob's challenge was quilting it while not interfering with the stitching that was already there....he did a super job. I wasn't as satisfied with my own top stitching and takes a lot of work to look primitive!


  1. Hey Mary Pat :-) Sooooooo glad you're here! Congratulations on your quilting blog! Love this quilt! The colors are amazing :-)

    1. Thank you, thank you! You are my inspiration!

  2. This quilt makes me happy when I look at is like fabric sunshine and happiness:D


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